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I would like to be a model/promoter for @addictedplugs
I started stretching my ears last summer in June and have been stretching since then. I always thought it looked pretty cool to do that. It was unique. Other than just wearing regular earrings. I’m now at a size 0 or 00G (Depends on what plugs I’m wearing)
#addictedplugs has some really cool designs that I would love to show off. I usually get my plugs and tunnels from Spencer’s or Hot Topics, unfortunately. I rather start exploring other businesses that do plugs and tunnels and see what they have. And addicted plugs is the place I want to explore. #plugs #tunnels #bodymodification #girlswithplugs #gauges

My #mcm is Jamie Campbell Bower 😍😍😍😍
I don’t care that I only know him from the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie. He’s a lovely great looking persona and let me love on you please!! 😘😘 he’s adorable and I can’t get over him. He’s my dream prince. (nods profusely) OH! And he’s in a band called @thedarlingbudsx Check them out!!! #jace #tmi #themortalinstruments #thedarlingbuds #jamiecampbellbower #malemodel #hotdamn

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